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Ultimate Norwegian Jewel Dining Guide: A Voyage of 5-Star Flavors

We recently said aboard the Norwegian Jewel, where every meal is an adventure, each restaurant a new port of call. From casual bites to exquisite dinners, here’s a comprehensive look the Norwegian Jewel dining options and culinary delights you can expect with our opinions and reviews of each restaurant.

The Palace: Elegant Dining with a Side of Patience

Located on Deck 6 aft, The Palace offers a full dining experience, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The dinner highlights include staple dishes like white fish, chicken pasta and grilled steak. My daughter, a carnivore had troubles with the streak which often arrives slowly and a overcooked even when “medium rare” is ordered. The steak came out fully cooked, not once but twice! Although the ambiance was nice, the food quality was rather disappointing.

Norwegian Jewel Dining Guide: The Palace
The grilled steak at The Palace

Azura: Casual Comfort in the Heart of the Ship

On Deck 7 mid-ship, Azura specializes in dinner with cozy options like country fried chicken and charshiu pork. The atmosphere is matched by great service, making for a great meal, even if the dishes don’t always dazzle. Azura serves the same staples dishes as The Palace but each night the speciality menu changes.

Garden Cafe: Quick and Quaint Buffet Offerings

Also situated on Deck 7, stretching from mid-ship to aft, the Garden Cafe operates as a buffet for all main meals. It’s surprisingly delightful for a buffet, with a standout breakfast featuring a custom egg station, congee, corned hash, and more. This is not like your typical cruise ship buffet in terms of size and scale as it only has 2 kitchen areas where most ships have at least 4 to serve large volumes of guests.

Dessert galore on the Norwegian Jewel
Dessert galore on the Norwegian Jewel dining

Chin Chin: Asian Ambitions with Mixed Results

Dinner at Chin Chin (Deck 7 mid-ship) presents a selection akin to what one might find at a Panda Express, including fried noodles, orange chicken, and Mongolian beef. Unfortunately, the dishes often miss the mark, with soggy noodles and overly dry rice marring the experience. It was quite the let down considering the cooks and chefs are of Asian decent. I would have expected that they would cook the food as they would at their own homes but they were standardized and tailored to meet a generic taste palette.

O’Sheehan: The Culinary Star of the Ship

Deck 8 mid-ship is O’Sheehan’s, a gem, open around the clock and offering distinctive menus for each meal. The chicken wings , fish & chips, and diverse burger options make this venue the best on the ship, marrying taste with the lively ambiance of a ship-center bar and grill. Grab a pint of your favorite beer and enjoy the variety of sandwiches and tasty chicken wings. Many ships offer pizza around the clock, but the Norwegian Jewel dining options has chicken wings!

O'Sheehans on deck 8 on the Norwegian Jewel
Fish & chips at O’Sheehan’s

Moderna: A Flavorful Journey to Brazil

On Deck 13 mid-ship, Moderna requires an additional fee but justifies it with superb Brazilian Churrasco dining. The seasoned meats, especially the flank steak and Brazilian sausage, are a highlight, served with impeccable attention to both flavor and guest experience. We paired our meats with some fun drinks from the Sugarcane Mojito Bar and it was a great night of excellent food, drinks, and company to celebrate my youngest daughter’s 8th birthday.

Cagney’s Steakhouse: Mastering the Art of Steak

Adjacent to Moderna on Deck 13, Cagney’s offers a premium steak dinner where the service and meal quality consistently impress. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a classic, refined steakhouse atmosphere.

Le Bistro: French Elegance at Sea

Deck 6 mid-ship hosts Le Bistro, where dinner is an affair of French cuisine. The service and food quality mirror the best of Parisian bistros, making it a top choice for a special evening.

Tasty desserts on the Jewel
Tasty desserts on the Jewel

La Cucina: Italian Flavors with a View

Elevated on Deck 12 mid-ship, La Cucina serves up Italian specialties in an environment that complements its superb service and excellent culinary offerings, providing a slice of Italy amidst the oceanic expanse.

Notable Bars Onboard

For those looking to relax with a drink, the Jewel doesn’t disappoint. The Sugarcane Mojito Bar on Deck 13 is perfect for rum enthusiasts, while Shakers Martini and Cocktail Bar on Deck 6 offers sophisticated sips. The Bliss Ultra Lounge on Deck 7 and Maltings Beer and Whiskey Bar on Deck 6 are great spots to unwind after a day of adventures.

BBQ ribs at Azura
BBQ ribs at Azura

Norwegian Jewel Dining Summary

Dining on the Norwegian Jewel is about choices—each venue offering its own flavor and experience. Whether it’s a quick bite at the buffet or a leisurely steak dinner, there’s something to satisfy every palate aboard this magnificent ship. Overall the food quality was mediocre compared to other cruise lines and ships we’ve been on. We enjoyed the freestyle dining that Norwegian has pioneered and understand their need to keep the food standardized. I highly recommend the 7 Day Alaskan cruise exploring the Inside Passage on the Norwegian Jewel or any other ship that has this same route. It’s one of those experiences you will never forget!

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