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Authors Bio

Hello and welcome to my world! I’m a tech entrepreneur with a zest for adventure and a passion for discovery. Alongside my incredible family – my wife Michelle, and our two daughters, Karlye and Rylie – I’ve been blessed to traverse the globe, experiencing the wonders it has to offer. Our adventures are made even more delightful by our two furry companions, Jax, a spirited French Bulldog, and Chase, an adorable Australian Labradoodle, who join us whenever they can.

This family travel blog, born from an unexpected twist, is my canvas to share our stories. Back in September 2007, I acquired the domain soyum.me, initially envisioning it as a potential goldmine for a food review platform. As fate would have it, that plan didn’t materialize. But, as they say, when one door closes, another opens – and thus, this blog was born. Here, I’ve decided to capture the essence of our family’s travel escapades and culinary encounters.

While I don’t consider myself a foodie, the intersection of travel and food is too tantalizing to ignore. So, while our focus is on trotting across the United States and beyond, expect some gastronomic tales along the way. This isn’t just a travel blog; it’s a collection of our life’s journeys, filled with candid stories, personal insights, and hopefully, useful tips to inspire and assist you as you chart your own adventures.

Join us as we explore new horizons, taste new flavors, and share the myriad joys of family travel. Here’s to the journey ahead – exciting, unpredictable, and always an adventure!

I hope you enjoy the content, appreciate the honesty, and find value in the experiences we share. Here’s to making memories, one journey at a time! ????✈️????

Tim Mektrakarn