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5 Super Tasty Places to Eat in Hanoi, Vietnam

We visited Hanoi, Vietnam this past summer 2023. You can read more about our 4 day adventure in this blog post. Here’s our accompanying guide to places to eat in Hanoi that will surely leave your taste buds happy.

The Start of our Hanoi Food Tour

As we embarked on our Hanoi food tour, we started with traditional Vietnamese hot pot at Lẩu Hải Sản Hằng Béo on the side of a street while there was torrential rain pouring down. We got the regular soup base, along with various meats, meat balls, seafood, and noodles. The food paired well with Hanoi Beer and a good start to our food adventure in Hanoi. You can see that I used Google Lens to help me translate the menu into English! I think the entire meal was less than $20 for seafood and a bunch of meats!

Beer in Hanoi

Here are some of the beers I tried in Hanoi. They were all very light and smooth tasting lagers brewed locally in Hanoi.

  • Legend Halong
  • Halong Sapphire
  • Hanoi Beer
  • Tiger Beer / Soju Infused Tiger

Northern Vietnamese Style Pho and Spring Rolls

Coming from Southern California, we’re used to eating Vietnamese food all the time, especially Pho and other noodles like Bun Rieu. I was pretty shocked when I tried Pho in Hanoi because it was NOT like the back home which is influenced by Southern Vietnamese immigrants that came from Saigon / Ho Chi Minh after the war. The broth was mild, no meatballs and the noodles a bit thicker than you would find in the south.

Even the spring rolls were surprisingly different where the wrapping was a thicker rice noodle (instead of paper) and just rolled beef and some green onions.

Lots to Choose From at Quan An Ngon

After our trip to Ninh Binh, our tour guide suggested that we stop by Quan An Ngon to try a variety of different Vietnamese food, and it did not disappoint!

There are various dishes to choose from cooked at the stalls and then served at your table at Quan An Ngon
Michelle finally got her Banh Xeo (egg crepe with shrimp) after much searching in Hanoi

Trying the Famous Egg Coffee at Cafe Giang

I drink a lot of coffee so we had to try the famous egg coffee at Cafe Giang and boy was it not worth the hype! The whipped eggs made the coffee creamy but it was hard to taste the coffee at all. Just look at the color below and you’ll see why!

Random Place at the Old Quarter

After a day of site seeing we randomly walked into Green Farm Restaurant because the host spoke impeccable English! Turns out he studied in the US and just came back home. He wanted to keep up his English skills so he took this job so he could practice every day. The food and service were great!

Michelin Guide Restaurant Nhà hàng Tầm Vị (Tam Vi)

I met up with some local colleagues at Tam Vi, a Michelin Guide restaurant that is close to the Temple of Literature. The food was exceptional, probably due to the locals ordering versus Michelle and I ordering the same things we normally get back home. I don’t even remember what these dishes were called but if you end up going just show them this picture and point!

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