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An Adventure Filled 24 Hour Layover in Hong Kong: Journey to Arendelle

Traveling from Los Angeles to Tokyo is an adventure in itself, but when you throw in a 24-hour layover in Hong Kong, the excitement multiplies. As a dad traveling with my two daughters, ages 10 and 8, and my wife, I knew this would be an opportunity for a memorable mini-vacation. Our chosen airline was Cathay Pacific, which made our journey smooth and comfortable.

Starting out 24 Hour Layover in Hong Kong with a Feast

We landed in Hong Kong in the evening, tired but eager to explore. Rather than staying cooped up in the airport, we decided to find a nearby hotel off Lantau Island. This allowed us to rest and indulge in some authentic Hong Kong cuisine. We found ourselves at Yue Kee, a Michelin Guide restaurant for the past 15 years. The highlight of our dinner was the roast goose – crispy skin, succulent meat, and a flavor that left us craving more. It was the perfect start to our layover in Hong Kong adventure.

Yue Kee: Dining in Hong Kong

Morning Dim Sum Delight

Jet lag hit us hard the next morning, but it also gave us an early start. We made our way to Tsuen Wan MTR station in search of a hearty dim sum breakfast. Stars Dim Sum was our destination, and it did not disappoint. The girls loved the siu mai and har gow, while my wife and I couldn’t get enough of the BBQ steam pork buns and other dim sum staples. The food was delicious, fresh, and just what we needed to fuel up for a day of fun.

Stars Dim Sum: Tsuen Wan Hong Kong

Off to Hong Kong Disneyland

After our dim sum feast, we headed back to the hotel to pack up. A quick 20-minute Uber ride later, we arrived at Hong Kong Disneyland at around 9:30 AM. Perfect timing to drop off our luggage at the park promenade’s luggage valet, though the 140 HKD per piece fee was a bit steep. Still, it was convenient and worth the hassle-free experience.

Layover in Hong Kong Disneyland trip

The Magic Begins

By 10 AM, we were in line, buzzing with excitement. We soon discovered that while the park gates opened at 10, the various lands didn’t open until 10:30. The sun was already shining bright, and temperatures were climbing to almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite the heat, we were all thrilled to be there, especially with the new Arendelle land in sight.

Off to Arendelle

When the rope dropped at 10:30, we made a beeline for Arendelle. The girls were ecstatic to ride Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs and Frozen Ever After. Arendelle itself was super cute and charming, though smaller than other lands in different Disney parks. Frozen Ever After took us through the enchanting journey of Frozen, and while Oaken’s Sliding Sleigh was a short ride, it was delightful. Thanks to our early start, the wait times were minimal.

Arendelle Hong Kong Disneyland

Marvelous Marvel Attractions

Next on our list was Ironman The Experience. Imagine Star Tours but with Ironman – a thrilling ride featuring Stark Tower under attack. The updated technology made it an exhilarating experience. We also tried Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle, akin to Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blaster ride but with better tech and a fun storyline. The AMP blasters were impressively accurate, adding to the excitement.

Exploring the Classics

By noon, we had already ticked off our top attractions. We then ventured to rides we had experienced before but still loved. RC Racer and Slinky Dog Spin were hits with the kids, while Mystic Manor amazed us with its trackless technology and Haunted Mansion vibes. Hyper Space Mountain added an adrenaline rush to our adventure.

Small World Hong Kong Disneyland

The Duffy and Friends Phenomenon

One thing that stood out at Hong Kong Disneyland was the popularity of Duffy and Friends. These adorable characters were everywhere, from plush toys to themed snacks. My daughters quickly fell in love with them, and we spent a good amount of time (and money) picking out their favorite Duffy merchandise.

Duffy and Friends at HK Disney


Our 24-hour layover in Hong Kong turned into an action-packed mini-vacation. From savoring roast goose at a Michelin-starred restaurant to experiencing the magic of Hong Kong Disneyland, every moment was filled with joy and wonder. It was the perfect prelude to our journey to Tokyo, creating memories that will last a lifetime. If you ever find yourself with a layover in Hong Kong, don’t hesitate to step out and explore – you won’t regret it!

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